Thursday, 29 October 2009


I am so so infuriated with the bloody Caramel Nibbles Giles Deacon scarf giveaway. I logged onto the facebook page at 11.30 and waited for it to open at 12, as did 100's of others. But they were having technical problems, so there we all sat waiting with baited breath to enter the bloody contest. and finally at 3.30 they opened it. So I raced on over to ASOS and got in the queue in 72nd position. Not to bad I thought as they have 1400 in all to give away 72 on the first shop would be fine, but the site has malfunctioned so many times for many people and kicked us out of the queue. So many of us who have been waiting all bloody day got sent to the back of the queue and people who had just signed in have moved to the front and received the scarves. I am unbelievably seething. I had to register a total of 5 times and Im now in the 1000's so not a bloody chance of getting the scarf now. The shop will shut and move somewhere else and you have to start the process again, so yes I could just be quicker next time, but I have to go to work for 7 so the rest of the evening is out for me, that is why I was counting on this one!! ARGH!!!! Stupid F****** thing! I mean its pretty and everything but not pretty enough to have wasted so much of my bloody time only to be left this annoyed and disappointed!
Did any of you lot get one? Or did anyone have the same trouble as me? I will have to buy one now if I really want one, wish is fine but it's so unfair for all of us who had been glued to our computers all day to get in queue early and have wasted our days. People literally put their lives on hold, not eating, moving, working or going to uni/college! Its so silly that we were all willing to sacrifice so much for a designer scarf isn't it. What some of us will do in the name of fashion. Never Again, I swear!

Cadbury you should sort yourselves out and send a scarf to all of us who got kicked out and rightfully deserve our scarves!

I vow I will never buy Cadbury's Nibbles after this debacle of a competition!

Sorry for the rant but I am so unhappy about this today! Well done if you got one you are so lucky!

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  1. It's a lot of effort isn't it!
    The thing is they made something so exclusive so public, if they'd spread it over a week and did it in different fashions it may have worked easier

    But they've still got 6 stores giving them away today and tomorrow so good luck!

  2. i found out way too late to even try xxx


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