Friday, 23 October 2009

Worst Kept Secret, my best find ever!

Today has been an incredibly productive day, which is a very rare thing for me. Im one of those people who make a plan for the next day with this huge list of things, but then when the day comes out of sheer laziness I only get half the list done. But today was different, I made my list and did it all, Yay, go me! So this is how my day went and how I came to find my best find ever. My rents came to pick up their sat nav at 9.30. So that was the first good thing for me. I never get up early if I don't need to be in work, I'm a get up after midday kinda girl. So after a nice early wake up call I did a quick bit of amending to my CV and wrote a quick cover letter for a christmas job in a cute shop I'm applying for (I'm fed up at the pub!! Late nights are killing me!) I then got dressed and left the flat to hop on the bus. I got into town and popped into the shop to drop in my CV then off to the cinema (on my own, during the day, terrible I know) to see Coco before Chanel. I missed it the first time it screened so was glad when they decided to do a one off re-screening (see my review of it here on my new blog) Actually I have a funny little story to ad in here quickly. I found the times online so just went down a got my ticket as usual, only to find out when I got up there it was a senior screening (meaning over 60's), the guy at the desk hadn't said anything when he gave me my ticket, but there I was sitting in the cinema surrounded by a sea or bald greying hair and blue rinses, lol well almost! It was quite fun though seeing all these people and hearing them say things like 'I had one like that' to some of the vintage items. Anyway... It was truly amazing and the fashion in it just made me wanna go vintage shop. Luckily that had been my plan anyway, so off I wandered to Jacobs Market. It an antique center just by Cardiff Train Station in a run down old warehouse type building. I usually go to just pick up beads, necklaces or the odd brooch. A lot of the stuff is over priced but today wasn't a complete disaster and I found this cute 1960's shell necklace. It has a broken clasp so only cost £2 but I'm actually gonna sew it onto a V-neck T-shirt so don't want the clasp anyway.

Whilst there I overheard some of the venders talking about the antique shop in the arcade. So I thought I might walk over to take a peek, and boy am I glad I did. I knew where it was but had never ventured in, but today I sucked up my silly nervousness and walked straight in. Upstairs was a vintage clothing store which I had been told was a bit crap and really overpriced but to my suprise I found to lovely gay guys sitting up there and was totally in awe of the rails of stunning vintage wear from every era imaginable! It was a vintage heaven! First I feel in love with the guys running it, they were amazing pulling out all the
stuff they thought would suit me and fit me, then getting me to try a load of it on. I was a bit apprehensive that the prices were gonna be like other vintage stores and out of my none existent budget but it was total music to my ears when he started telling me the incredibly low prices. So after much 'Ohhhing' and 'Ahhhing' over gorgeous pieces and much laughing and me wriggling in and out of dresses I left there with my little treasures. A genuine 1940's black polka dot day dress and a 1960's military style dark grey cropped jacket and all for the amazing price of £20 (I got £5 off the jacket coz I had bought the dress). I am so happy you would not believe!! They have also said they will keep an eye out for a Charlotte esque houndstooth cape for me, from my previous post. So this little shop, although it has no sign to tell you its name is called 'Worst Kept Secret' so the lovely men told me. Temporarily situated about Cardiff Antiques Center it will soon be moving to its new home in one of the other arcades. But if you are Cardiff based it is so worth a little look. If you do go tell them
Chantele sent you.

Here is the dress it doesn't look much on the hanger but is so cute when it is on and fits me perfectly. (Will post pics when I wear it next)

And here is the jacket. Its a dark grey wool blend material, with military buttons and velvet lapels and collar.

So there you have my little finds for the day! I will be going back to the shop in a week or so to take pics and have a little informal interview with the guys (my first interview, yay, go me!) I shall have to try not to buy anything as I have no more money!!

Lets see what tomorrow brings
Daisymay XOXO

p.s I also saw Surrogates today aswell, really enjoyed it. Worth a see.

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  1. Wow, LOVE the necklace, I cant wait to see what you do with it.

  2. I hate to-do lists. All they do is stress me out!

    Also, that necklace is really fab. :)

  3. Great necklace. Love the dress too.


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