Tuesday 6 October 2009

Todays Etsy finds! Jewellery to capture the imagination!

I've been checking out the wonderful world of Etsy this evening. Looking for a Birthday present for my best friend and generally nosing for anything nice (and cheap) for myself. With my erratic working it means the purse strings are very tight this xmas so I'm looking for the best bargains I can. I figure many people are in the same boat as me so I thought I would share with you my special little finds from tonight. And I shall be doing this when ever I go for a quick browse of the shops. I should probably tell that that my tastes are a little unique though. I love stuff that is different, quirky, unique and eye-catching but always tasteful and often quite chic (at least I think so, lol). SO here you go. Tonight I was browsing jewellery and stumbled across these little gems.

Untamed Menagerie does intricately cut jewellery made out of steel, acrylic and mirror. The cute designs are all very fun and would defiantly be a 'stand-out from the
crowd' accessory to any outfit. I'm hoping on my parents to buy me one of these wonderful little pieces, after pointing them out to my mother with heavy hinting!! Although they are very well priced considering the work on them. The elephant one below is my absolute favorite and works out
at about £17 including postage (at current conversion rate). The second, titled 'The Lady Ought' is about £15.50 and I think this one is beautiful in the white acrylic.

If you too think these are stunning little pieces click here to see their shop which includes a number of other designs. my other fav's are the mirrored Bambi, the little white rabbit earrings and the girl with a butterfly brooch. If you do buy anything just mention that you found it on my blog please (maybe ill get a discount for publicity, lol).

My second little find may not suit everyones tastes. The gorgeous butterfly necklace and earrings sold on My Bugs are actually real butterflies. Yes, I know some of you may think that is disgusting and like wearing fur I suppose (why does no one make a fuss about leather though? Although I never would as I love leather!) but the person who owns the shop says that all the butterflies are farm breed and are only collected when the butterfly dies naturally (they only live 2-3 weeks :-( which is sad) so none are harmed/killed for the jewellery. She simply preserves the beauty by laminating them. Clever huh? So I shall be buying these as xmas presents as they are currently on offer 'Buy 2 get 1 Free' a bargain as the prices range from £3.50 to £16 (not including postage). So here are a few pics of the ones I like most, choosing just 3 will be very difficult!

here is the link to the shop incase anyone fancies a little piece of nature for themselves. (again mention where you found them if you do order, Thanks)

Hope this has inspired somebody to go buy some stunning piece of jewellery.

Lets see what tomorrow brings
Daisymay xoxo

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