Wednesday 7 October 2009

The rudest customer ever!

Well I was working a shift in the pub last night when a lady brought back her steak because it wasn't cooked as she wanted it, fair enough steaks sometimes are difficult to judge. Now your probably thinking that she was the rude customer because her food wasn't quite right, but on no you would be wrong! The rudest customer ever was this man:
I have since found out his name, Nick Davidson! Ok so your wondering why this customer was so awful, well. He had come in and ordered 2 pints before the lady had come to the bar about her steak. When she did come and our bar manager apologized to her and said we would get her another asap. This arrogant man butted into the conversation and said that bad food should be expected if you came to O'Neills. Obviously the bar manager said that this was not true as our food is all prepared to a high standard. This man then started arguing and slandering the quality of the pubs food whilst in the pub in front of all our customers (many of who are regulars and later commented on how rude and obnoxious the man was!) saying how it was all pre packaged microwave rubbish and he would never eat there. Our manager tried to explain that our menu was a Grill menu so is all cooked fresh on a grill (with a few exceptions, but most large pubs have to use pre packaged food, think Wetherspoons!) Anyway he then turned to attacking the manager directly saying how he was the rudest bar man he had ever encountered and he took a photo of him and proclaimed, "Im going to Twitter you!" (which made a few people laugh) but it was totally uncalled for!

So although he had nothing to do with the food that had come back (2nd time the women said how nice the meal had been and thanked us!) he just started making a scene and slandering the pub and its staff. He has since twittered, which I found, and I was in for an even bigger surprise! He is a local bar owner (hmmm, jealousy and competition me thinks!) and he had sent his staff in with leaflets for his pub only hours before!! So I shall name his pub "The Promised Land" in the hope that any decent person would avoid it due to its unprofessional, childish and incredibly rude owner!! I can vouch for our manager as he is my other half (I know that means I'm biased) but he is very very good at his job and most customers who were in the pub at the time said how they disagreed with the idiot because the manager was so nice to them, so hmmm!! So all bar staff out there, beware this man!! He may try putting customers off your pub too!!

Well think thats my little rant over with.
Lets see what tomorrow brings
Daisymay XOXO

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  1. HAHAHA That guy is such a dick, I had a bit of a run in with him (only that I thought he was very rude when I met him) and apparently his staff tends to quit a lot since he's terrible to work for! His whole kitchen staff quit to go work at CAI too. Anyways I know this is an ancient post but I'm totally blog-stalking you :-) I always liked my o'neills food!


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