Wednesday 14 October 2009

True Blood Lust... and today's outfit!

I am totally in love with True Blood at the moment. Me and the other half are downloading it to watch, so I'm halfway through the second season at the mo. But in one of the last episodes I saw I really loved Sookies outfit! So I have done a bit of internet trawling and found that the cute cardigan is from Delia, which unfortunately we don't have in the UK, but even if we did it is last seasons stock and no longer avaliable. Whats gutting is that it was down to $9.99!! I know I can get a cute yellow skirt so am now looking for a version of the cardigan. (What's weird is that I usually don't like overly done floral prints at all, but love this one!)

TODAYS OUTFIT (Plus a new buy!!):

I originally went out wearing this necklace which is vintage. I love the emerald colour and the bicone shape. Plus I had it from a carboot so it cost less than a quid (Bargain!!)

I matched it with these cheap Primark bracelets in a similar colour.

But while I was out shopping I decided to spend a voucher for Topshop that I had for my birthday. I found this stunning two coloured metal necklace. It a really chunky piece and I love it. So I switched necklaces and wore the new one for the rest of the

So apart from the accessories I actually wore this stunning 1950's inspired wrap dress by Zara. I managed to get this from the Cardiff Clothes Swap Roadshow last month. Was so chuffed when I realized it was my size!! It has a really full skirt and a big black wrap-round tie. I love the funky retro print material too.

So thats todays outfit!
Lets see what tomorrow brings!
Daisymay XOXO

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