Thursday 28 June 2012

Outfit Post - My sisters 21st

We had a surprise 21st birthday party for my sister a few weeks ago, here are a few of the pictures, and my outfit of course!
 My little Sis about to blow out her cake! Wearing the new dress we bought her - Closet from Rare in Debenhams
 She may be a girly girly but she loves F1, especially Lewis Hamilton for Maclaren. So we were lucky enough to have an old school teacher who now makes cakes and she made this F1 replica for us.
 Our fellow surprise party organisers with the birthday girly: Becca, Bekki, Bri and Rachel
 Having a boogie to the band - Smoking Aces
 Party People, Hey!
 The girlies

Ok and my outfit for the night.
 Dress: Primark £17 bargain!
Shoes: Ruby Shoo from AGMeek - another birthday gift off the hubby
Daisy Chain: Primark
Ring: Random gift from friend
Earrings: Gift from my sister
Bracelet: Gift from my Aunt

 How pretty are my new shoes!!
Have you ever had a surprise party? Throwing them can be difficult! Luckily she didn't suspect a thing! We had lots of happy tears though!

Oh and do you like my new signature? Jon made it for me last week

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  1. ahhh happy birthday to your lil sis! you all look lovely and those shoes are so so pretty!xx

  2. pls do send my greetings to your sister, happy birthday more birthdays to come!! :)


  3. que guapas todas! bonita fiesta, seguro que lo pasasteis muy bien!!!

    un beso

  4. Super cute! It looks like a fun time.

  5. I love both yours and your sister's outfit x

  6. i love throwing surprise parties. i have never had one thrown for me, though. your sister is so cute and i love the dress you wore!

  7. thanks for the comment on my blog :) i'm a new follower! :) i hope you can follow back :) thanks :)

  8. Throwing a surprise party can be so hard, especially when trying to get them out of the house/to the venue! Your outfit looks lovely, especially the daisy crown :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  9. You all look lovely! Your shoes are amazing!
    So glad her party went well, I've never had or organised a surprise party, I'd be useless at organising one as I get too excited and drop hints, people always know what presents I'm buying them haha!
    I'd love someone to throw me one though! x

  10. How cool of you to have organized her a surprise party!


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