Wednesday 20 June 2012

It Made My Day

Stumbled across a sweet little site today that I thought I would share with you all. It's called It Made My Day. It's a really simple site just full of little messages from people about what has 'made their day'. 

No matter how big or small why not share with the world what or who has 'made your day'. There are some really lovely little notes on there, some big things like pregnancy, marriage and promotions or simple little things like passing school tests, losing a few pounds or learning to bake bread.

I think it is a lovely idea to share your news with the world with a simple message cast out on to the huge WWW. So why not visit the site and leave your own little note of happiness.

Here is mine for today "The first issue of our new Magazine West Life went to print today so we will soon see the fruits of all our hard labour - It really MMD"

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  1. ooohhh this is cool! thanks for sharing. i'm definitely going to be visiting that site.

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