Wednesday 27 June 2012

Hello all! I know a few of you are getting married this year or next year and I know that many of you are in love, obsessed and addicted to pintrest (hands up ladies??) Im sure you ladies getting married have boards on wedding design, bridesmaid dresses, table plans, etc and some of you may even have gift list boards - if not maybe you should!! Well I have found a site that will make your love of pintrest seem even better (no longer just a way to procrastinate but a helpful wedding tool!!) has just launched its amazing new feature where you can automatically turn a pintrest board into an online gift list or automatically add pins off pintrest to a gift list on their site! How super is that? Its really easy too. Make an account (or maybe you already have one) then either import a pinboard you already have of perfect wedding gifts or download the pintrest add on which will allow you to click 'add to my registry' when you are looking at pins on pintrest.
It will be so easy for you to find the perfect items to add to your gift list, and no need to stick to one store you can add any item on the web to the gift list and make it easier for your guest to find what you would like and purchase you the perfect gift. automatically manages the transactions and keeps your lists up to date. Making everyone happy.

Happy pinning

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