Sunday 24 June 2012

Sunday Catch-Up - 24th June

Ah yet another week has passed! Nothing much interesting happened really, weather has been kinda erratic in Cardiff so between rain showers we had one lovely day so me and Jon got out to take pictures. Outfit shot will be up next week. I did a lot of cooking though, lots of soup!

But here is my week on instagram for you all
 1. Saturdays Outfit
2. My blue stripe Ruby Shoo Shoes!
3.Outfit shoot from this week - Hell Bunny Dress and my Diana (35mm photo)
 Been watching lots of films this week here are a few
1. Paper Heart and Nick & Nora - Michael Cera love
2. The Rebound and Burke & Hare
3. Been listening to Celine Dion Taking Chances when I have the flat to myself
 Lots of books too!
1. Finished The Owl Killers
2. Started Hard Girls
3. Bought Clockwork Angel and Room
 Food! What catch-up would be complete without food pictures.
1. Lunch with Jon at the pub - Pulled Pork sandwich! Nom!
2. Jewel Slice at Juno Lounge
3. Made some yummy chicken pasta!
4. Lunch at work pasta and a roll
Set of Diana photos I had developed this week!

Links and Love

1. I want one of these up cycled vintage suitcases! Not to use on holiday but for storage in the house! So cute!
2. Majorly lusting after some of these super simple bangles on Etsy
3. I love my kitchen and my kitchen gadgets - This is freaking awesome!
4. I wrote some more recipe hubs! Honey Mustard Carrots, Garlic Roasties and Soup
5. And Jon wrote some great technology hubs. Plus we got some film developed from the Eos 3

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  1. mmm soup sounds so good. i love it, but it's way too warm here for hot sad!

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog!!

    Sweety please enter my give-away at

  3. Cool photos - love that blue dress!

    The Other Side of Gray


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