Saturday 9 June 2012

Best of British

With the Jubilee and the Olympics this year, there is no better year to be British. So with that in mind I thought I would bring you a nice little post about 2 of my favourite and most well known British Brands.

First is Orla Kiely - an Irish label now based in London. Orla is most well known for her eye-catching retro style design prints which can now be seen adorning almost anything, from bags, stationary, home wares and even buses! She originally started as a hat designer but moved into handbags and design after selling her University leaving collection to Harrods. Shop Orla Kiely at Harrods.

Second is Nicole Farhi - Ok so she isn't actually British, she is actually French but the label was started in Britain with the help of Steven Marks under the French Connection label. Started in 1982 meaning she is celebrating 30 years of the label this year. She is another designer who started with clothing but has since branched into all aspects of design. 
This is a perfect Summer Outfit, so cute and chic.

 Who are your favourite British designers?
Are you proud to be British this year?

Daisymay X

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  1. i've always been fond of british people. they're super nice. and of course, their accents sounds so good!

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  2. Love Orla Kiely! I almost buy some wallpaper with her typical colorful leaves but then I thought it's not nice to have a logotype all over a room, haha.


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