Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sunday Catch-Up - 3rd June

I feel I have let my blogging slide recently and have not been able to bring you many outfits or very interesting posts. Its just my writing internship has gotten super busy and my part time job has up more hours too recently, so I literally have time for little else. What I do have spare I try to spend with Jon as since I left the pub it means I don't get to see him much on the weekends as he works split shifts. But I'm hoping things will settle down and I can start getting control of my work/life balance and hopefully be able to bring you some more frequent and quality posts, and outfits obviously!

But for now my sunday catch up will have to do!

Here's my life on instagram this week:
 1&2. are my birthday shoes Jon bought me - I know I still haven't gotten round to a birthday present post yet, but I'm hoping I will at some point this week. Both pairs are from AGMeek and by Ruby Shoo
3. My new nail varnish - Barry M Silver Foil Effect, looks lovely, nice and easy to apply, but its chipped after only a day, top coat needed next time.
4. I really fancied this dress in Matalan £18 - but Jon keeps remaining me I am trying to up the quality of my wardrobe and get rid of my cheaper stuff!
 1. Finished Matched by Ally Condie - Loved it can't wait to read the next
2. Started Divergent by Veronica Roth - good so far
3. New DVD's we bought and watched - both really good films!
4. And the house family watch Breaking Dawn part 1, Biz hadn't seen them so we have been watching them over the week.
 1. Juno Breakfast - Eggy bread and bacon maple stack. YUM!
2. Pizza and Salad
3. Jacket and Salad
4. M&S Count on us chicken in mushroom sauce with potatoes and beans - was yummy and only 280cals
 Been spending a lot of time eating outdoors making the most of the warm weather while it lasted (rain last night)
1&2. House Family BBQ
3&4. Picnic in the park with Jon
 Some outfits
1. M&S vintage playsuit
2. It got seriously warm! Forgot the brands
3. New Palazzo's Mum bought me from TK Maxx, White Tommy Hilfiger Tee and denim shirt - birthday present from flat mates
4. Palazzo's again, matalan black tank and Tesco cardigan
1. Honey number 1 asleep! The weekends knacker him, he often naps on the sofa after them
2. Honey number 2! Having bunny cuddles after a full day scampering round the flat
3. Jons attempt to recreate a Juno Brekkie
4. Ice Cream! Like I said this week was hot! Seriously!

Links and Love

1. Jon bought me this dress and this one
2. Leanne one The UK Voice, here is her song with Tom, amazing! And Jessie J singing with Tom
3. Jubilee this week! Yeah, I'm not really interested but I love this necklace on Etsy
4. Gross and Funny all at the same time
5. Have fun for hours here, procrastination a definite. Thanks to Miki again!

Have a great week guys, and have a fun time with all the Jubilee Celebrations. I will be working the bank holiday weekend but my sisters birthday is on Tuesday so I will be at home for a little while celebrating that.

Daisymay X

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  1. I love these kind of posts! xo

  2. Love the shoes and dresses Jon got you! ;D

    Hahaha, I'm sorry I'm leading you to procrastination!

    Hope your week's off to a great start! ;D

  3. it sounds like you've been quite busy, but it looks like you are making a little time for yourself and john, which is good! the picnics and outdoor time look marvelous! and that bunny is adorable! i bought a similar bunting necklace at forever 21 recently, and i love it!

  4. So many cute's a good thing that you could enjoy yourself despite the the food and outfits. The polka dot and mix of prints are really adorable.


  5. I love that necklace too (is on my pinterest) and thanks for the link to the Ruby Shoo site, I am totally loving the one you got in pink and the wedges in purple!

  6. Love that metallic polish and now you've made me hungry. Ha!


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