Friday 29 June 2012

BassBuds In-Ear Headphones - Polyvore Matching Outfits

Like most of you I have an iPod, I tend to keep it with me when I am travelling to and from work on the bus as I would rather listen to my music than mothers shouting at kids, chavs playing drum and bass off their phones or old women discussing their piles!

But I have had my little pink apple earphones since I had my iPod 5 years ago and they are starting to get a bit grubby and worn. So as we are off on holiday to Barcelona in a few weeks I thought I may treat myself to a new pair for the flights over and back. I was contacted by a brand called BassBuds that produce great quality in-earphones with some wicked colours, and they all have little swarovski crystals in the end so they are pretty and fashionable!

To help me decide which colour I should get I put together a few polyvores of outfits that could go with the different coloured earphones.

Outfit to go with BassBuds Yellow

Outfit to go with Bass Buds Nu Skool Ear phones

Outfit to go with Bass Buds Envy Earphones

Do you have coloured or cute ear phones? Which ones would you go with?
I like the yellow as they are pretty and summery - but will I get bored? Then the Nu Skool are great - very british! But the Envy are very different - don't think I have ever seen that colour combo anywhere else.

Sponsored by BassBuds

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  1. i love your yellow and black look!
    i just have my apple earbuds and they are totally falling apart too, but at least they still sound good, haha.
    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Hello, bright colors!! I love this pop of yellow.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. ooo, i like the green ones!!! these outfits are soooo pretty. i loved all of them.

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  4. oooh, i like those yellow wedges! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  5. I like the yellow ones. They are so bright and can uplift anyone’s mood. The shoes are really fashionable. I like the bangles too. They look hip.

  6. For me its blue. The high-heels are classic and fashionable. Thanks for suggesting these products. they will look supercool with Bass Buds Nu Skool ear phones.

  7. Awe, I love all the combos! My headphones are purple and really big.

  8. Very stylish indeed! I always complete my look with Polyvore Bass Buds! I just didn't realize the variety of Bassbuds that were available out there to match with any outfit!

  9. I'm thinking of getting a pair of bassbuds. I've heard good things about them. I hope they live up to my expectations!

  10. I'll be taking a long trip from Minneapolis, MN to Connecticut by train and I'll need something stylish that also plays crystal clear music. I hope they work :)

  11. There is a great range of colours to match any outfit, but also your more standard ones that would fit in with any outfit. I wear a suit quite a lot, so I have the black ones.

  12. Envy are my favourites! Good sound and good style! Usually an uncommon mix!


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