Thursday 7 June 2012

Sponsored by ... Cyber Shopping Canada

I know I have a few Canadian readers out there so this post is directed at you, but also for my readers from every where else in the world too. Cyber Shopping Canada is an Online Shopping Mall with stores based in Canada/USA but many also ship outside Canada.

This database has many of the best canadian stores you would find in any of the major Malls in Canada, as well as a huge selection of smaller independent brands and shops, and they can all be accessed easily from's easily navigate-able website.

Here are my fav items for this summer - and they will ship them to the UK

Roots $48 
Bloomingdale's £122
Plus with sections for current valid coupons you may just find yourself a great bargain! 

Daisymay X

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  1. I know I have a few Canada visitors out there so this publish is instructed at you, but also for my visitors from every where else on the globe too. shopping centers in canada Internet Purchasing North america is an On the internet Purchasing Shopping mall with shops centered in Canada/USA but many also send outside North america.


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