Saturday 23 June 2012

Spirit Pins

Ok so this isn't the type of thing I would usually talk about but I was contacted by a company called Spirit Pins last week asking if I thought you guys would be interested in knowing about their company. Now I'm not gonna lie originally I said no because I thought they were just a pin making company for sports badges, but I had a little chat with them and well, I changed my mind!

They make custom pin badges for anyone, with pretty much any graphic on it. Plus they can even turn photos into pin badges. So it got me thinking - this could be a whole new fun way to market and advertise your blog. Either have you blog banner, logo or button made into an actual pin badge. I am now seriously considering having little daisy badges made with 'Daisy Dayz' on them. I could be on to a whole new 'trading' game type thing here! (collect them all!! Lol!)

So I just thought I would let you lovely ladies know! Even if not for your blog, lots of you run businesses and etsy stores - so think about pin badges as your next marketing tool, their a lot more fun than business cards! And why not try Spirit Pins for a quote - they are situated in the US but supply pins to worldwide clients.

Am I the only person into this idea? Anyone else with me?
Sponsored by Spirit Pins

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