Thursday 21 June 2012

Outfit Post - My daisy chain headband

Majorly late outfit post on this one as had forgotten about these pictures all together. On my birthday (which was about a months ago now) I scored tickets to the Cardiff Olympic Gig, so this is my outfit from the gig and a few snaps of our afternoon.
2 points to make first though. 1. excuse the crappy outfit shots, it was late and I had been in the sun all day! 2. excuse the dodgy sun burn lines. I got them a few days before whilst doing the Vintage Gem photo shoot with Jon and not realise how hot it really was, whilst running about with a light reflector.
 Dress: Hell Bunny Carly Dress (birthday gift from Jon)
Sunglasses: Vogue (c/o
Daisy Chain: Primark (£1 bargain!!) I am in love with it since buying it!
Shoes: Well clearly I'm not wearing any but I was wearing blue sandals from Peacocks

 How pretty is the pattern!!

And here are a few snaps from the afternoon
Biz and Chris (our house mates) and Jess (Chris's Sis) and her friend
 The main reason we went - Emile Sande, she was great
Jon and Chris chilling.

Anyone else been to a gig or festival recently? Or set to go to one soon?

 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg


  1. gorgeous dress! I'm going to Reading in August, can't wait :)

  2. love that pretty dress and the daisy chain is perfect in your hair! Hope you had a wonderful time!xo

  3. wow, jealous! i really wanted to go to that :)
    love your dress :D
    im not really a 'festival' person as i dont like not washing my hair (haha) but i did go to a gig last night, to see New Riot! :D
    Rosie xo
    A Pocketful of Rosie

  4. Looove the headband but love the dress even more! xo

  5. that dress looks fantastic on you!!!!!!! x

  6. I NEED to get my ass to a summer show! It's so sad I haven't been to many recently! Very jealous that your rocking one with such style!


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