Sunday 1 November 2009

And the winner!

Ok so this is my first post of November (yay) and that is quite exciting in its own right. I have been blogging for nearly a whole month now and am very very glad of all the followers I have gained so far, but would love to have a load more followers in the future (so go click one of those nice follow me buttons over there > on the right).

I'm hoping everyone had a really great halloween and I'm look forward to seeing lots of costumes pics very soon. Ok but on my costume front I was indeed intending on being Columbia from 'The Rocky Horror Show' but thanks to a wardrobe malfunction that didn't go to plan. I lost my shorts! And I really couldn't be Columbia without my little black shorts, could I? So I decided to let my work mates decided and they thought Minnie Mouse was meant to be. So I costumified (new word, me-thinks!) myself into a very cute Minnie
Mouse and was so happy as I did as I didn't see another Minnie all night! And I had loads of comments from customers about how good I looked. I will post some photos of last nights pub shenanigans but my silly other half went off to work this morning with the camera still in his coat pocket, so I will post them all later.

On another note... my title from today refers to a competition that Valencia Lia has been running on her blog 'Roll Up Your Sleeves' to win a stunning bracelet made by Vanessa at Van Y Sus Cositas Jewellery . And I'm very excited because I won it, yay. This is the first thing I have won from a blog so I am well chuffed! And it is simply adorable! Please go visit her blog and the jewellery store as a little repayment from me for the beautiful prize I shall be receiving in the post very soon! Valencia has an awesome sense of style and her blog is very inspiring and fun so go for a read!
So I shall post my pics from Halloween later tonight and I shall also post pics of the very cute vintage beads I bought from ebay that came in the post yesterday.

Lets see what tomorrow brings
Daisymay XOXO

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