Friday 30 July 2010

30 for 30 challenge - Day 10 & 11

On we go with the 30 for 30 challenge. Day 10's outfit was for a BBQ at a friends.
Outfit made up of 6+10+18+29
6. Florence and the Machines
10. H&M
18. Next
29. NewLook
Primark Bracelets
Primark Tights

Day 11's outfit was for the Wow Festival in Cardiff Bay (photos tomorrow I promise).
Outfits made up of 4+10+21+30
4. Bianca Nygard
10. H&M
21. Peacocks
30. Jasper Conran (I clearly wear these too much!)
Hand Made Necklaces
Oasis Hat
Vintage Necklace as bracelet
Primark Tights
Boot necklace is made from a vintage monopoly piece. The next necklace is up cycled from a broken vintage necklace. And the longest one I made from some bits of left over black chain, a broken bracelet and a few random beads.

I decided to get a little technical with my challenge and look at what my most versatile pieces are and which I gravitate towards more. And to possibly try and stop wearing the same items so much. So I made a little graph! Yay! This is the number of times each item has been worn up to day 11, so just over a third of the way into the challenge.

Sorry the text is small but it is the only way I could get it all to fit. The items run as they are numbered from left to right. (graph made here)

So that is my geekiness out of the way for now. I shall do another graph at Day 20, to see how things have changed.

New Pretty Reckless song out!! Hope you like!

Daisymay X

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  1. hilarious that you did a graph, i love it!

  2. nice post :D like the video

  3. taylor momsen's new song totally ROCKEEDDD !
    i love the video very much !

    ur striped skirt is pretty ! may i suggest something though ? :)
    i think it'll look better if you pull it up as a high waist skirt ! it'll definitely accentuate your beautiful curves !

    have an awesome TGIF !

  4. Hi Daisy is very friendly.
    Your blog can be on this site.

  5. Thanks for coming by my blog! I loveee big kitchens.. so i'm super excited about it .. :) if we ever get moved in! haha. This 30 for 30 idea is such a great thing to do! Way to go!

  6. Love your style!!!

    Did you make the necklaces??

  7. I love day 10!! That skirt is too amazing. And the whole concept of these bloggers doing 30 days of the same items.. you are so crazy. ;)!

    I giggled at your graph. :D

  8. I love this idea! Actually, I think I'm already doing a 30 for 30 challenge without realizing it :) I'm not big on clothes shopping, so my closet is very limited!

    Cool're a girl after my own heart!

  9. I looooove the shoes from day 10! I have been wanting a pair. Should you decide you don't want them, I'm sure they will be quite happy with me!

  10. Oh my goodness! I have a very similar tiny shoe charm! It was my mom's for when she had one of us kids and I just took it! Is that wrong?!

  11. I think I like day 10 better than 11.

  12. I love your graph!!! I've often though about doing such a thing for everything I own, you know, seeing how much use I'm really getting out of my clothes, and what the cost per wear is. Very nice.

    Chic on the Cheap

  13. omg! can i just say that i found out a friend of mine from camp used to go to school with taylor momsen!?!?!?!?! OMG.


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