Wednesday 18 November 2009

Alphabet city - C

C is for Christian Lacroix - Absynthe

Ok so this might technically not be fashion, but it is made by a designer so I think it will pass (and anyway this is my A to Z so I'm sure I can adjust the rules as I please, lol!)

I Love this stuff. It smells so so nice I shall definitely be buying it when I have some spare money. Plus the advert is very cool. I adore the photo they have used and the stunning lime green dress. It's not usually a colour I would go for but on her it looks great.

The photo was taken by Solve Sundsbo and the model is Vlada Roslyakova. She is beautiful, they chose well I feel. Although she is only 22 she has racked up so major modeling campaigns with high end designers such as: Nina Ricci, Moschino, D&G, Vera Wang Bridal (nice!!), Burberry, Hermes, Miss Sixty, DKNY and Karl Lagerfeld to name just a few. She is also Lacroix's current muse. But she was listed as one of the seriously underweight models who could be banned from Milan fashion Week. luckily I don't think she looks too skinny in these photos because of the huge flowing dress.

There is also a mens version which I actually think is nicer than the womens. Its not over powering like a lot of mens aftershaves and I would so wear it! Plus the bottles are nice too!

Only £20 from Avon!!
And here is the man himself. His fashion is always a little off the wall but I do tend to like certain pieces of his outfits. Plus he is very well know to anyone who is an Ab Fab fan as 'Eddie' loves Lacroix!! Lol. If you have seen any episodes you'll know what I mean!

Oh and here is the TV advert for you. I love that too, so sexy!

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Daisymay XOXO

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  1. Christian Lacroix is my favorite designer, but I haven't gotten a whiff of this yet! Must hunt it down now...

  2. Hey Daisy, thanks for all your comments and still visiting me after I couldn't update for so long! I don't know if you read on my blog anywhere but I've just moved from the Rhymney valley in South Wales to here un Windsor..I used to work in Habitat in Cardiff! Really missing Cardiff shopping, even if Hobos is a bit overpriced and always has the same stock! I've always been utterly convinced that the Topshop there is superb though, I prefer it even to Oxford St :)

  3. I'm dying to smell this now
    (I think perfume is fashion!)

  4. I love this campaign... the yellow totally does it for me.

  5. I love love how this ad was done !! She's so beautiful and the dresses matches the perfume wowwwww <3

    big hugssssss

  6. the ads are gorgeous, and i love absolutely fabulous!!!

  7. How cool! I like the name of the perfume! I don't wear perfume but I would like to try some of this!

  8. omgggggggggg i love the name of this perfume!!!! its perfect, and the ads are gorgeous!


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