Tuesday 10 November 2009

Wedding excitment

If you read some of my earlier posts you may know I'm getting married soon (6 months!!!). And yesterday was a very exciting day indeed. The other half decided we had saved enough money to buy my ring, yay!! I have been looking for so so long for the perfect wedding band. My engagement ring is vintage as it was my grandmothers. I didn't want the other half to buy me one as we were only just 18 and, not to sound vain or spoilt, but he didn't have the money to buy me something really special. I know whatever he bought would have been nice and special to us but why have him spend the money he did have on a ring when I had inherited a stunning one. I always wanted to wear it as my engagement ring and luckily he was happy with it. I love it so so much and it has double the meaning being my engagement ring and my grandmothers. It has 3 diamonds in a platinum mount with a yellow gold ring. The photos don't really do it much justice as it is hard to capture. I often get older people commenting on it and asking if its antique.
So as can see finding a wedding band to match was difficult. I originally wanted something antique to go with it. But after many months trawling second hand jewellers and the internet and I had yet to find something I really loved. I'm quite fussy and will only settle for the perfect ring, I had only managed to find one I really loved (it wasn't vintage!) but it was so so expensive, around £3000, which we just didn't have. But one day I found it! I found the perfect ring. It's not antique but it is different which is what I wanted, plus it incorporates all 3 golds which is something I have been looking for. So here it is! What do you think? I'm so so happy with it!
It was only $500 so was really well priced.
Daisymay XOXO

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  1. I hope you're feeling better now girl:)

    And wow,that engagement ring is just stunning! You're such a lucky girl. heeee I really adore it,so beautiful.
    I didn't know but congrats!! And the wedding is in 6months?? must be a fun time planning for it.

    Ohhh and your chosen wedding band is so beautiful,you should go for it <3


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