Wednesday 11 November 2009

Tis the season to be scarfy!

Sorry for the naff title but it was too easy! This is most definitely the season for scarves, Wales is freezing right now! I have had to take a scarf everywhere I go for the last few weeks. I know the circle scarf and the big chunky knits are in this season but as I have said before I'm not a follower of fashion per say. I was all about big chunky knit scarves last year. And this year I am really into the pashmina shawl type of scarf. So I thought I would show off the ones I am going to be wearing this winter.

1. Blue and White delicate floral patterned scarf from Top Shop (a birthday gift from a friend)
2. Purple tie-dye with thin silver threads from a mega discount store in Canada
3. Turquoise Scarf from Bianca Nygard in Canada a gift from my Aunt
4. Grey and black fading scarf with faint paisley pattern from Primark

These three are my newest editions, I adore the rich gem-like colours of them. They were a brilliant bargain. My mother bought a job lot of 20 on ebay so she could give them to friends this christmas and me, her and my sis could have a few each. So I chose these three colours for me. They worked out as £1.80 each and are beautiful, really soft and long.

Many of your will recognise the Giles Deacon scarf! It is stunning and I am so so glad I kept going with the competition until I won one! The other two are really soft purple and black ones that I had from the lost property at work...yes you did read that right! The pub only keeps lost property for 2 weeks then it gets thrown or donated to the staff! I bagged these cosy scarves, gave them a good wash and now they are as good as new.

So there you go, thats the scarves I shall be wearing, what will you be wearing?
Maybe ill show you my hats next time, but my hat collection is huge!! Gloves then, only a few pairs of those, lol.

Daisymay XOXO

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  1. i'm soo obsessed with scarves right now. but it's still not cold enough here in LA. i love the big chunky ones that everyone is selling! :)


  2. Love love scarves so much toooo !! I really love long flowy,tie dye or chunky ones.

    Yeaaa,the weather from where I am its crazy! But I want them so badly toooo <3

  3. absolutely beautiful! i look forward to seeing your hat collection!


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