Saturday 21 November 2009

Blogger of the Week.

Right here is my second blogger of the week, Charlotte from Unicorns read little books (don't you just love that name? Its so cute and visual, you can just imagine the little unicorn with a tiny little book, lol)
I love her blog which is a daily account of her art diary. Her work is often whimsical, fun and quite often very personal to her. So her blog is a little insight into her world. I think it is great that she expresses how she feels or what she has been up to each day with a bit of random art in her little black book.

She very kindly agreed to answer a few questions for me, so here they are.

1. Name, age and current location. Charlotte Lucy, 20 (no longer a teenager and it makes me cry), and current location is London

2. Describe yourself in one sentence?
Kind of a cross between Blair Waldorf, Elizabeth Bennet and a little girl who watches everything yet says nothing.
3. Explain why you named you blog 'Unicorns read little books'?
Well, I have a unicorn necklace that I am very attatched to, and since I was tiny loved them...I'm not sure why I settled on 'Unicorns read little books' just sort of came into my head and I typed it in.

4. How long have you been blogging and why did you take it up?I have been blogging since May this year, and it all started as a way of showing my friends back home my little book as it happens, rather than them just reading the whole things when I'm home for the holidays...but it sort of took off, and now even my mum reads it as a way of checking up on me!

5. Tell us about your little black book? and where you get your inspiration for it from. Well, its one of many...the one being shown currently is actually the 6th since I moved to London...if you go back to the beginnings of my posts you can see book 5 too, but the first 4 only make guest page appearences these days! Its kind of a visual diary, just doodles and song lyrics and magazine tears and thoughts and feelings mostly.
6. What's you favourite part about blogging?When people leave really nice supportive comments! It sounds so silly, but its really uplifting knowing people feel the same way or know exactly what your thinking...I love how bloggers from places like Australia are now in contact with me, and I would never have met them otherwise.

7. Can you tell us a little more about your college project? Or is it a secret?Its not a secret really! Its London College of Fashion working with the V&A and the English National Ballet, celebrating 100 years of the Ballet Russe. We are looking at their history and groundbreaking creativity to create modern fashion collections/collaborations...but the ending products and prizes are a secret!

8. What's your top tip for anyone who wanted to start blogging

Be yourself...its your place, and it doesnt matter if you think no one reads it, or no one comments, or no one cares, because its your little place to offload and inspire.

9. What's your most prized possession?
My little black books are pretty important, along with all my other diaries...I don't know really. The 'my little pony' my dad bought me is pretty special. Oh I'm super protective over my Louboutins...I love to wear them, but not wreck them - I definatly 'prize' them!

10. What's your favourite flower?
I like bunches of multicoloured wild flowers, especially grandmothers favourites.

The pictures are Charlotte's 3 favourite pages from her little black books.
So please go check out her blog as it is lots of fun to read and she is lovely!

And these are 3 of my favourite.

Daisymay XOXO

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  1. What a great interview! I just love the name of her sounds so magical!

  2. Awesome interview !!

    And I enjoyed reading her interview so much:) Ohhhhh,that skull drawing she did,stunningly beautiful<3

  3. oooeeee i only just got online to see this! i literally feel famous! thanks so much



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