Monday 9 November 2009

Match day madness

Sorry for having not posted for nearly 3 days it has been a bit chaotic my end, and worse luck the chaos is set to continue for at least another week! Its rugby match season here and as I work in a pub that is right next to the stadium it means I have to work long and tiring and completely mad shifts! Argh! So at the mo, I'm incredibly tired having worked Thursday and Friday night then all day Saturday for the match (14 hour shift=not fun!) and then the day shift today to cover someone else. And I still have to work Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights this week. And working means I don't often get to wear many clothes other than my uniform (dull, dull, dull) When I do get up the morning after my shift I'm usually tired and can't be bothered to get dressed until I have to leave for work again, unless I really have to.

Right sorry about my little rant just had to get it off my chest and explain why I have been all boring this weekend. But I do promise and outfit post tomorrow as I have already decided what I'm wearing as me and the other half are off into town to run some errands before our shift.

So while I was at home with my rents I decided to work on a necklace I had started a while ago. I love beaded necklaces and love to reinvent old ones. I had bought an old necklace which was a long strand of blue and white marble effect beads. Now I liked it as it was but thought I could do more with it if I took it apart... so I did. My new necklace is using these blue beads to separate strands of white, black and silver seed beads. It took hours to thread all the tiny beads but I love the finished product. I can wear it as one long strand or wrap it around to make a two strand choker.
I still have loads of the beads left so I'm thinking of making a bracelet to match or possibly another necklace that I could sell. Anyone out there want to buy a beaded necklace??

When I got home from the rents I was very excited to find not one but two parcels for me! The scarf, THE SCARF had arrived and I have worn it to work everyday to keep me warm as the cold nights draw in. It is gorgeous, so so gorgeous! The pattern is really fun and the material is really soft. I was also amazed to see how long it was. Free scarves often turn out to be kinda short but this one is huge and lovely. And in my second parcel was a dress I had won on ebay a few days before. I got it at a bargain price so was really please. Its from the 80's and has some funky shoulder pads. Its got a long-ish skirt which I am going to shorter as it is at the slightly unflattering length, just below my knees. It also came with a thick black belt, which is why there are loops, it was just hard to photograph with the belt attached. But I'm really pleased with it.
I've been thinking lately about doing some more professional type pieces. I have some ideas written down: like up and coming designers, new models, history of certain designer and stuff like that. What do you think, would you like some more professional articles?

Well I think that is all I have for tonight but will blog my outfit tomorrow and anything else interesting I find during my day out.

Daisymay XOXO

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  1. Oh how fun! That necklace looks great, and I love the dress you got! Aww 14 hour shifts? That sounds horrible, but hang in there! Remember, every minute of torture at work is money in the bank; somehow that sounds better in my mind than on the screen...

  2. The necklace is soo pretty. I love the colors you chose.

  3. Gorgeous necklace, darling!


  4. Gorgeous dress and I love loved the necklace that you made :) You so talented with DIYs

    And I've mailed out your giveaway prize last Saturday already. heeee Can't wait for you to receive it <3

  5. Re:Drooled while looking at the foodie photos ?? Ahahaha,that's what I wanted to bring across. Oops.but those food were really yummy <3

  6. I would love that dress with some heels in a contrasting color. So pretty!


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