Tuesday 24 November 2009

Alphabet city - I

I have another photographer for this post, he is one of my favourites. He was kind of the first big fashion photographer employed by Vogue. The photos of his that I really adore are the 1950's and 60's shots, but he sadly died recently. Ok so some of you may have guessed who I'm talking about as he is quite a prolific figure in the fashion world.

I is for Irving Penn

Here are my favourite of his photos.

As I said he sadly dies on 7th October this year at the grand old age of 92. In his life time he managed to have over 150 of his photos featured in Vogue plus a number of covers. He was first asked to photograph the Paris Collection for the magazine in the 40's (I think). He specialised in minimal photography where he put the models against stark angular backgrounds which allowed the models and the fashion to be the central focus of the photo. He was also well known for his close up portraits of prominent figures of the time.

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