Monday 2 November 2009

Halloween pics!

As I promised... the photos from our Halloween night at the pub. Sorry for the 101 photos (not literally!) but I really loved last night and wanted you to see the different pics of the ones of us that did actually dress up. Some of the staff weren't so keen so for the first 2 hours of my shift I was the only one, but luckily I didn't care!

So here is me as Minnie Mouse. First pic is just after I put the dress on and the other half snapped me before I painted my nose on! Second pic is me at the end of the night with some staff drinkies!
This is one of my friends, Zoe who was inspired by Sylvia Ji's painting's of girls with sugar skull faces. I loved her face painting so so much. It took her an hour and was done with white face paint and eyeliners for Primark. I have been looking at Sylvia's work today and her stuff is brilliant (if a little creepy) and my friend managed to do the painting so well. Im going to do a little post about Sylvia later in the week so you can all see.
Grrrrr! Isn't she scary!
Andy dressed as a burglar!! With a dodgy 70's mustache.
Jess did a Cindy Lauper Zombie! 'Girls just wanna eat brains!"
Gerard was meant to have a Riddler costume but thanks to a postal strike it didn't arrive. So he wore his spiderman mask, with my fireman outfit and Jess's pink leggings (worrying and scary! lol) And ended up looking like a gay wrestler, lol! But this is an awesome photo.
Rachel came as a sailor and Alan was Elvis after finding an Elvis wig half way through the night.
This is my honey who didn't get to dress up because he was doing lots of behind the scenes stuff during the shift (cleaning and cellar stuff). But I got a quick snap of him anyway!
So that was all our Halloween shots. You like? We all looked a bit silly, didn't we? There were some really amazing costumes on some of the customers! There was literally everything you could think of!

So last of all, here are the two vintage beaded necklaces I bought off Ebay. They were dirt cheap so I was really chuffed when I won them. They are both genuine vintage. The blue beads are circa 1970's and the red are 1960's. And I love them! The red are flower shaped beads which are really funky!

Thats all for tonight. Hopefully I'll bring you an outfit post tomorrow as I'm back to work at the office so won't be slouching around in my dressing gown and underwear all day, like the last few days.
Oh and sorry for not bringing you an interview with my vintage shop owners, but when I called in Saturday to take pics and talk to them it was so busy in there I couldn't really talk to the guys properly. So I'm going back sometime this week instead.

Night all!
Daisymay XOXO

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  1. Beautiful Minnie mouse costume,you look so beautiful !

    And gorgeous necklaces are those,always love shopping on ebay:)

    And so happy you won and you love the bracelet <3

  2. All the outfits look fabulous!
    I went out for Halloween and I'm pretty sure i was the only one in the club not dressed up!
    least there is next year...
    Your blog is awesome! And your style is so unique. I will be following! Check out my blog - it's and I am selling variety of vintage and new clothes. Follow my blog as well if you would like to keep updated when the latest clothes are for sale! Lola x

  3. What fantastic costumes, darling!
    You look wonderful!


  4. cute necklaces - will be sweet with just a plain t


  5. oh my goodness! Everyone you work with looks like so much fun! Your Minney outfit is adorable!

    Thank you for your well wishes! :)


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