Monday 23 November 2009

Alphabet city - H

Sorry but a very brief post for today, as Im off to see Twilight New Moon soon, then I have to go to work. But I wanted to get my Alphabet City post done before I went.

Again it was easy to choose this one. She is quite possibly the most beautiful women ever!

H is for Heidi Klum (obviously!)

She is not only an amazing model, with a great Victoria Secret's contract, she is also a TV presenter (Project Runway), an actress (The Devil Wears Prada, The life and Death od Peter Sellers, Ella Enchanted, Blow Dry) and has her own line of shoes, jewellery and candy. She is a one woman enterprise. And is also still number 2 in the 'Money Girls' chart on (only beaten by Kate Moss). She has managed to do all of this and have 4 children (yet keep that amazing body!) So here are some lovely photos of her.

Vistoria Secret's Catwalk 6 weeks after giving birth!

Following photos from

So there you have it!

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I bet you all love Heidi as much as I do!

Daisymay XOXO

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  1. Love Heidi Klum, she's fab and a great role model. How small is the writing showing up? Because it's fine on mine and no-one else has mentioned it - what browser, screen size, etc are you using?

    I never thought about the Sea of Shoes one, either! I never visit there because I don't find it particularly inspirational or accessible - oh well, I love Gary too much to take him down now!

  2. I adore Heidi Klum! She seems so glamorous, yet at the same time quite normal :)

    And yes, the kittens in the window are real! Every year at Macy's they have this thing sponspored by the SPCA where they place cats and dogs in the windows of Macy's up for adoption. They get a lot of animals adopted that way!

  3. She is an amazing model that I love! Awww,and she's she sweet changing her surname to Seal's one.

    She's just so gorgeous!

  4. I love Heidi - she is so appealing and cute. Gorgeous and yet seems like she'd be easy to just have drinks with!

    P.S. I would love to have you do the swap! Can you email me at iamemma-at-gmail-dot-com with your address so I can add it to the list? Thanks so much!

  5. she's gorgeous and so down to earth. love her!


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