Sunday 22 November 2009

Alphabet city - G

I just watched the final of America's Next Top Model, I shant say who won in case you haven't seen it yet but I wasn't really that suprised. But watching it gave me my letter G for today as he was on it. So..

G is for Gilles Bensimon

I had seen lots of his stuff well before today but was just inspired by his ANTM shoot to use him as my post for today. His photography is always simple and not way out but I think his work is beautiful and makes his models look stunning. Although he is not afraid to make them look a little awkward or to allow a little of their personality through. They often look fragile or the compete opposite and incredibly empowered. Here are a few of his pictures that I love. Oh but the first is a picture of him.

I love this one of Sarah Jessica Parker and the one of Madonna.

Hope you all like his work too

(photos from a number of sources via google images)

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Daisymay XOXO

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  1. I love ANTM, shamefully - it's such car-crash TV! But I totally agreed with who won this time (I assume you mean the petite models cycle) and I love these photos!

  2. His work is stunning. I think my fave is the Olsen twins.

  3. amazing pics. i love the nicole kidman photos.

  4. He is indeed an amazing photographer and so many gorgeous people he has worked with !

    I love the Olsen twins one:) Ohhhh,I can't wait to swap with you too. Soon yea ?

    big hugssss

  5. He is one of my absolute favorites. SO talented!!!


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