Thursday 19 November 2009

Alphabet city - D

D is for DIY Fashion

I think this is definitely an up and coming trend as far as individual fashionistas go. Many of us, especially fashion bloggers, try to make our look our own by DIY-ing pieces. I think I have found 2 main reasons for this. 1. So we can get designer looking pieces at a fraction of the cost and 2. So we can stand out from the crowd. For this post I have figured as we as fashion bloggers are the stars I shall post my favourite blogs which feature DIY pieces. That way I hope I can get you all a little bit inspired to do some or some more DIY-ing.

Ilse of Stijlkind makes some great chain jewellery.

Maria of Lulu Letty has a lovely little etsy shop for her very cute hair bows, that I love!!

Rascal Kosher of Little Rascal is a cute vintage inspired lovely and makes awesome fascinators and hair pieces, as well as managing to change children's clothing into funky items for herself.

MJ of dreaming spires and old car tyres is a really edgy dresser and has customised some awesome pieces. She is big into the shredded look at the mo and I totally adore her shredded leggings!

Maegan of is an amazing DIY-er. So amazing in fact that her stuff has been featured in magazines. For example the Christian Louboutin style shoes she made were featured in an Irish Wedding Magazine. I think they are amazing and I am so gonna try making them. I also love the ruffle collar below that she has made in the style of Chanel's A/W09 collection.

Some of you will know I also love to DIY, mainly jewellery, but I have found a few pieces of clothing that I think I can make pretty easily, so hopefully I will get round to making them soon. Here is just one of the items I'm gonna make, embellished socks!! How difficult can they really be, socks + sequiny bits = cool socks! yay!

And this amazing original 1920's necklace isn't completely out of the realm of my abilities, Thank god as it is stunning, but I cannot afford the real one. Now just to find the right beads!!
Hope this has inspired you all to get DIY-ing and customizing a bit.

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Daisymay XOXO

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  1. I love the hairbows... so cute :).

  2. That last necklace is beautiful!

  3. Wow, Thank you so much for mentioning my hair bows!!

    I now need to go shopping on these other sites. Everyone is so creative.

    P.S. Added you to my links!!

  4. I want to have a go at those socks too!

  5. lovely DIY jobs. this is the perfect mode to be unique.

  6. I LOVE DIY its the best, so much creativity!!!

  7. I love love DIY so much too! I do some on my own but I love to always purchase items that are handmade or DIY:)

    Something always so special about them! Heeeee and Ilse DIY headpiece,ahhhhhhh !! I won her giveaway for that. So so happy,i'm still waiting for it to arrive yayyyy.
    All amazing people with great DIY items:D

    Yes yes,you have to get a Lululetty bow soon! Its gorgeous<3

  8. These are very cool, thanks for posting I'll have to check some out

  9. awesome diys! thanks for sharing!


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