Tuesday 10 November 2009

As luck would have it

I am sorry I didn't post last night but I am sick, with flu I fear so am curled up in my bed typing this. I have had to call in sick to work, but at least I can catch up on some blogging as I have little else to do.

I have been looking the last few weeks for some jewellery incorporating a rose. I am a big fan of Dali's rose painting as well as the Macintosh rose design. I don't own that many pieces which have roses, just a Bakelite rose broach so I really wanted something new.
So for a few weeks now I have been nosing through Etsy to find something. And boy did I find a few gorgeous things. So here are the few that I really liked.

Linen Roses Bib Handmade Clay Necklace £40 ($68). Found here.

She also has some rather stunning hand painted bangles so why not check those out too.
Turquoise Rose and Pearl Necklace just £10 ($18). Found here.
I love these delicate Little Rose Stud Earrings and at only £3.80 ($6.50) their a bargain. Find them here. These also come in a multitude of colours to suit any outfit. I am seriously considering buying a few pairs!
This Mod Roses Necklace incorporates the stunning Mackintosh rose and only £22.70 ($38). Found here.
I love this Peacock Blue Rose Necklace, the little bird is very sweet. Also a sweet £16.70 ($28), find it here.
This lace necklace is really delicate and costs £17.30 ($29). Find it here.
Love the dainty Eiffel Tower on this Paris is for lovers necklace, only £11.95 ($20), get it here.
This large Meghan ring is a statement piece for jazzing up a simple dress. And only costs £11.95 ($20). Find it here.
I love the edgy look of this Steampunk Bracelet. It would be a heavy piece of arm candy for your inner rocker but is a little steep at £44.80 ($75). Find it here.
I think this Rhosyn Morning Glory Filigree and Rose Necklace is really cute. Its only £11.95 ($20) and would look great with a vintage teadress! Find it here.
I again love the edge look this necklace would give any outfit, yet its delicate apperance would stop it from looking harsh and heavy. The Margaret Statement Necklace is my overall choice at only £10.75 ($18) it is a total bargain and I just think it would be so sexy to wear. Find it here.

So after doing all that searching and finally finding these beautiful pieces all I had to do was decide which one I liked most and which I could afford. But before I had made my final decision as luck would have it I found this rather darling piece! I was just waiting at the bus stop outside our flat when I saw it on the mannequin in the window of a charity shop. So I quickly snuck in to check the price only to find out it was £1!!!! ($1.67) Yay! So I nabbed it quick but whilst paying for it missed my bus, but it is so worth it, Im really pleased with it. Sorry the photos aren't that great. It is really very pretty in person and looks quite delicate, the metal has been embossed with a sweet lace pattern with tiny bows. I love the fact is is a little bit girly but also a bit edgy as it is made of metal. I got quite a few compliments on it in work afterwards so was very happy. My £1 was very well spent!

Thats all for now
Daisymay XOXO

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  1. Gorgeous post, darling! Loving all the rose necklaces!

    Hope you feel better asap!


  2. awwwww get well soon!
    i like the first one (the bib) and the one with the bird...am a sucker for bird themed necklaces!

    oh and I put another bit of work up today especially cos you asked me too :)



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