Monday 16 November 2009

Alphabet city - A

The Fashion Lexicon article in this months Vogue gave me a fun idea for a new daily post. So here it is 'Alphabet City'. Everyday I am going to post something fashion related working from A to Z. These will range from designers, photographers and models to specific trends, items and places to shop. You like?

So as today is going to be the first day we shall start at the very beginning with the letter A. It took me a while thinking about this as there are so many great things I could choose. Alaia, Anna Sui, Anna Wintour or ASOS just to name a few. But I decided to start this ball rolling with...

A is for Arm warmers!

They were seen on the Fall Catwalk in the collections of many top designers.

Philosophy kept it simple with black and grey knitted arm warmers to match their over all colour palette.

Prada went for simple full arm knitted Warmers in muted tones. Slouched down for added texture.

Donna Karen went for elbow length fur. Worn with almost everything, from suits to dress. Nearly always adorned with sparkling bracelets.

And finally Chanel who displayed a wide variety of arm warms, and with almost every outfit.

Pictures from

Long Ribbed Arm Warmers, £11, find them here.
I love the cute bow on these Xhilaration Arm Warmers from Target, only £6, find them here.
Grey Knit Arm Warmers, £8.50, find them here.
Mink Fur Trim Knit Gloves, £24, find them here.

And finally a few handmade Etsy finds, as we all love etsy!!
I'm usually not a fan of pink, but the dusky colour on these just screams cozy winter! The detailed crocheting is beautiful. Get them for £21 from here.
These are aptly names COCO Cashmere Bow Arm Warmers and I love them. £29 Find them here. She also does them in other colours!
These adorably little beauties are £18 and you can find them here.

I think the finishing on these is so feminine and sweet. £27. Find them here.

And of course if you are feeling brave you could always knit some yourself as there are plenty of patterns on Etsy as well.

Hope you enjoyed 'Alphabet City' come back tomorrow for the letter 'B' (I feel a bit like Sesame Street)

Daisymay XOXO

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  1. Great post! I have been so concerned with legwear this fall that I have not even thought about armwarmers! I loooove the white ones with the black bows!

  2. I could really use a great pair of armwarmers!

  3. What a great idea! I Love armwarmers.

  4. I've never tried on arm warmers before my whole life !!
    heeee so sorry,I've been lagging behind around here. Dumb internet connection at work thats causing all this:)

    And also,so so happy that you've gotten the bracelet. I was really worried it would get missing. But can you wear it ? I know its a little small. heeee

    big hugssssss :) Hope you're enjoying your new gift now <3


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