Wednesday 20 October 2010

The first branch: Of Myth and Meadowsweet

Last week I was lucky enough to be able to attend an exhibition preview night at the local Milkwood Gallery. The exhibition was a collaboration between Catherine Povey, a milliner and Kate Dumbleton, a jeweller. Their pieces were exquisite creations inspired by the strong women in the Mabinogion, a series of Welsh legends and myths.
I apologise for the photo overload!
The lovely ladies with me and one of their creations
The photos with the model are their own off Catherine's website and the photos from the show were taken by Jon. I have included the stories for each piece as well so you can see where the inspiration came from.


The first & third branches of the Mabinogion

Rhiannon is a phenomenal horsewoman who outrides every horseman who tries to pursue her.

Her headpiece is inspired by her equine associations; silver and gold chains and hammered harness motifs drape around a brocade cap with golden pheasant feathers.


The fourth branch of the Mabinogion

A cosmic inspired headpiece dramatically symbolising this "Goddess of the Sky" - her castle was Caer Arianrhod, the Aurora Borealis. Silver and crystal stars spiral around a wheel of shaped quilss and central disc of midnight blue velvet.


The fourth branch of the Mabinogion

Blodeuwedd was created as a bride for Lleu from meadowsweet and the flowers of the oak and broom depicted by handcrafted flowers in silver and brass.

With her lover she plotted to kill Lleu. When their crime was discovered Blodeuwedd was changed into an owl - the loneliest of birds, hated by all others, only able to show her face at night. Vintage feathers suggest the plumage of the owl and cover the mouth and shade the eyes to suggest deception.


The second branch of the Mabinogion

Branwen's headpiece is inspired by the turmoil and grief of her story and the battles that shaped her life.

Branwen is married to the King of Ireland but kept prisoner in his court. She sends a message to her brother in Wales and the ensuing bloody battle between Wales and Ireland almost wipes out both races. Branwen's son is thrown onto the fire and killed and after escaping back to Wales she dies of a broken heart.

Chained by tear shaped bangles into her intricately pleated distressed satin helmet, her face is covered by a crystal quartz veil of tears.


Arthurian legand and the Mabinogion

Gwenhwyfar was the legendary wife of King Arthur. Her feather collar reflects her noble position: luxuriant embroidered velvet next to the skin trimmed with vintage ostrich feathers. Laced over this like armour, a choker of gold leafed brass with silver detail and semi-precious gemstones.

Morgan Le Fay

Arthurian Legend

The half-sister of Arthur she is supposed to be half faerie with a strong connection to the natural world symbolised by deep green silk. Decorative feathers and beetle wings represent her abillity to change into any living creature at will.

The mood of the headpiece embodies her dark side. From the spiky blackness of the hackle feather spray to the hand-crafted pin piercing the silk in sinister fashion. The pin features an onyx cabochon symbolising the eye of the raven - a bird Morgan often used as a spy. To finish a flash of blood red silk lining reveals the danger within.

For some reason this one doesn't have a section on the website and for the life of me I can;t remember the name of it. But it is really cute!

Which is your favourite ladies? Would you wear any of these beauties?

Do you know of any local designers in your area, I would love to find some new interesting up and coming designers.

Daisymay X

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  1. OK, that was SO cool. And I've always loved the name Rhiannon!

  2. Woweee, these are amazing! the greeney one and the spidery one are my faves!

  3. Great products! Love the dress you're wearing too :)


  4. how stinking cool is that!

  5. The green one is my favorite. I don't think I have the nerve - or the occasion to wear such fabulous hats, but these made me gasp at my computer. Simply amazing!

  6. These are beautiful! I would definitely wear them!

  7. Wow, those pieces are phenomenal! My favourite is the Morgan Le Fay one, absolutely breathtaking.

  8. cool head pieces!
    i love your white and black perfect for the event:)


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