Tuesday 19 October 2010

The vintage hat outfit

Time for a proper outfit post! Jon and me had a day off together today so we went to the park to take some pretty pictures. Jon is still playing about with his flash so it's good practice for him.
I am wearing one of my thrifting purchases from last week. This vintage Kangol hat was only £1.50! It's a dark khaki colour in real life, although it looks brown in the pictures. I actually have 3 of these hats, in different colours, all from local charity shops and have yet to wear any of them. So I thought it was about time to venture out in one. The top is a swap with Tia and until now I haven't worn it. I wasn't sure how to style the top because of the bright tribal pattern but finally found that it went well with my plain brown trousers.
I apologise in advance for the image heavy post. Enjoy.
Top: Dimri - swap with Tia
Trousers: Peacocks
Shoes: Unbranded
Hat: Vintage Kangol - via Charity Shop
Gloves: Vintage

Playing with leaves!

Playing with flash and delayed shutter

Well I hope you liked the photos, and didn't get bored halfway through.

How would you have styled this top? What else could I have paired it with? Any suggestions would be grateful as I love the top.

This weeks Budget vs Breaking the Bank article is now up on HandbagFairy.com, and they have now hired a webmaster to sort out the layout, so it's all nice and tidy like I had laid it out. It's all on this seasons military trend.

Daisymay X

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  1. wow! you are so beautiful in that hat! :-)

  2. that top is SUPER cute! and so is the hat!! As far as how I would style it...hmmm....I don't know if I have a clue - maybe some kind of cardigan over it with a belt?and skirt? with tights?
    ~ Village

  3. I love the top and all the photos with the flying leaves are great!

  4. Love your outfit, and the top is gorgeous, you could even wear with a dark skirt & heels/boots..anything! x


  5. the print on that top is incredible!

  6. Love the colours on your top - it must be warmer where you are though, asit's too cold for sleeveless tops in Manchester!

    Thanks for your comment on Mrs Bossa Does the Do - I agree with you; pretty skirts will always have pride of place in my heart! xx

  7. Awe, two yous! I love that picture! I think Jon should experiment more with the delayed shutter; great effect!

    By the way, I checked Cricut's site; it's awesome. I want one! =)

  8. thanks sooooo much for your underrstanding Daisy :) and yes last few months of uni IS dreadful ..

    i love your sweater :)

  9. Great outfit! I really like the trousers.

    What about with a grey skirt with green tights?? That might be cute....

  10. I love the gloves!! I agree with luckydame a skirt would be cute, a black one with dark green tights and some booties would be gorgeous! xo

  11. Love this outfit! The green gloves are gorgeous! Also- the pictures with you tossing the leaves is genius! Absolutely stunning!

  12. I love the printed top! I'd wear it tucked into a pencil skirt, loose and unbuttoned over a flowy skirt, or under a belted cardigan.

    Chic on the Cheap


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