Monday 25 October 2010

Military Trends Article on Handbag Fairy

My Military Trends Article is now up on

I shall be posting my 'budget vs breaking the bank' posts once a week, each on a different trend.
This week is the ever growing Military Trend.

Take a look for some great military inspired items: dresses, jackets, skirts, shorts and shoes.

I would be interested in your feedback or ideas for future posts. Leave me a comment here or on and I shall try my best to post about it.

My first piece for The Agenda is now up too.

Find out all about the 'Save the Arts Campaign' which is trying to tackle the governments proposal to cut the arts budget in the UK. The government has since chosen to cut it by 30% against the advice of people within the arts.


Daisymay X

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  1. thanks for your sweet comment! cool post too :)

    can we follow each other? i now follow you anyway

    new outfit post now on my blog :)


  2. loved your article on & all your military picks!

    i also liked your piece on the cuts to the arts budget...i hadn't actually realised they were cutting funding by that much, its really quite worrying :( i've gone & signed the petition & signed up to the groups on facebook & twitter as well. my boyfriend has just finished a film degree as have many of his friends & they all want to make a career in the arts but it seems that it'll be increasingly difficult for them to do so. the uk film council has already been scrapped & it seems theres much worse to come :(

  3. Great article on the handbag fairy. I was drooling over those military looks. Drooling, I tell you!

    It's not exactly a budget vs. breaking the bank idea, but I would love to see something on how to wear lace up boots/booties. So far I can think of exactly one way to make them work and that is lame.

  4. i'm such a big fan of military! thank you for entering my giveaway :) x


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