Thursday 21 October 2010

London Day Trip Part 3

I never really finished off the photos for our London trip, and I'm at a loss as to what to post about today so I thought I should finish off the photos of our trip. Sorry this is very uninspiring and totally not fashion focused, but I hope you like!
We saw quiet a few of these young swans.

And lots of these cheeky little squirrels! I have like 50 photos just of squirrels!
There were also lots of Geese, munching on grass!
Plus I managed to catch this lone Heron stalking across the lake.
Me on the fountain outside the palace
Jon outside the Palace!

All the rest of the photos are ones Jon took of Tower Bridge and the Wharf. He is getting really good with the camera and I love all of these shots. What do you guys think?

Have you been on any interesting day trips recently?

I shall very soon be off on my honeymoon, to China, for a whole month!! But fear not I shall not be leaving your without any posts while I am gone, I shall hopefully be having some lovely guest bloggers. I shall also be able to bring you some amazing (fingers crossed) photos on my return. Although staying stylish out there will be a bit difficult. I am there for 27 days! And only have limited room to pack. There will be sun and snow all in 4 weeks and I need evening wear, everyday wear for the tours and even stuff for hill walking? So ladies my question is what key items would make up your capsule wardrobe for a trip like this? I need tips!

Daisymay X

p.s. my article on the 'Save the Arts Campaign' is now up on Read The Agenda.
I would be interested in any feedback ladies.

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  1. Awe, I these pictures bring back memories of when I was in England a long time ago! I want to go back so badly! I remember I was amazed by the big number of squirrels you can see in every park or green space. I'd never seen a squirrel until there, hehe. They're so freaking cute! The way they move and rub their cute little hands. I also remember seeing lots of cats (not in central London, though). I like the fact that English people love cats, hehe.

    As for the city photos, they're amazing! I love the way the perspective is captured. Jon is definitely doing a good job with his camera.

    Mmm, packing has never been my strength. I've already started organizing groups of objects I want to pack, which I'll post later; but I'm pretty sure I'll wait until the last minute to put everything in the bag. I haven't been to China, I don't know if the weather is similar to Japan's. I remember it was colder than I'd expected, but you're going in the fall anyway, so temperatures won't be so extreme, I guess. Although you mentioned snow! But maybe you can rent the proper attire if you're going hiking to the mountains. I'll go because I'm not being helpful at all, haha! Just make sure you bring the obvious: comfy clothes and shoes, a good night gown, your camera and ... hmm, hmm, naughty lingerie! ;-) It's your honeymoon! =P


  2. a rain coat! and comfortable cute walking shoes! that pic of the squirrel on the fence is so hilarious, i love it :) and the night pics are great!!!

  3. Wow such great pictures! What kind of camera do you have?
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  4. Ah! Have so much fun on your honeymoon! You look fantastic in those black and white polka dots.

    PS- You had me at the pictures with cute squirrels.

  5. Beautiful pictures - especially of the bridge! Have fun on your honeymoon :)

  6. np! sorry I can't be of any further help, it's been over more than a year since I've done that DIY - can't even remember how I exactly did it, it's been a process of trial & error indeed haha

  7. I LOVE the photos of the Tower Bridge, it was my favorite landmark to see in the summer, but now I want to see it at night!

  8. Hi, Chantele! Just dropping by to say that I've tagged you with a blog award. Hope you're having fun!


  9. Oh yes, the night bridge shots are gorgeous! The first and third are my favorites! print those large and hang them on the wall!

    Ahhhh wish I could visit London, you lucky gal!

    Chic on the Cheap


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