Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sunday Inspiration

Sundays are now Inspiration Day!
I have decided that I often find photos I love online, store them to my computer and than have no use for them. For on a Sunday I shall post any pictures I have found during the week. I will usually try to focus them on a theme of some sort but I think sometimes I may just have to post a mis matched set of the pictures that don't fit into anything.
Luckily this week I have been loving a certain type of style...So here are lots of 50's inspirational shots!

All Vogue archive 1950's
I would die for any one of these outfits
Horrockses 1940's
The fabric is just so pretty and feminine
Louis Vitton Fall 2010
I wonder how easy this skirt would be to make??
Luella Fall 2007
Ok so not exactly 50's inspired but its close! lol. I love the daisy print so much!
Mad Men leading ladies
I never watched the show when it was on, but I may get the series on DVD just for the stunning fashion. I want the blue dress!!
Prada Fall 2010
Everyone has seen these dresses by now, but they are still super cute!
Lara Stone, Vogue Italia 2009
Not a fan of Lara Stone usually, but love this look. I want hair like that.
Gisele Bundchen, Muse Summer 2010
Or like this!
Elle August 2010
The fabric of this dress is so pretty and glamerous
British Vogue August 2010
Oh the pretty pretty skirts! This is my style to a tee. I am gonna learn to make circle skirts so I can wear them all the time. Although I need to get a crinoline first.
British Vogue September 2010
And another pretty skirt. The pattern is just so nice

How do you ladies feel about the 50's style revival?

Daisymay X

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  1. these are all utterly incredible x

  2. these are great! i know, i have so many randomly saved pics :)

  3. i love a dress with good fifties flair. The poofy sillouhette is the most lady like of all the fashion decades.

    and thanks for the comment on my blog.


  4. Great photos, I love 50's inspiration!x

  5. I love 50's style! That second picture is so cute...I want the dress.

  6. -LATE RESPONSE SORRY, terribly busy :(-
    anyways, you asked me if I could do a DIY on my cage top - well, it might be hard because this is what I did: I simply pinned all of the elastic bands I had on my body, took it off (that part of the DIY took me about an hour, since I was all pinned up haha) and I stitched it together. it's actually pretty easy to do, but extremely time consuming. I used wide elastic black band that I bought in metres at the local market. should be sold everywhere I guess.

    good luck if you plan on doing the diy, I'd love to see some pictures if you do!

  7. Oh my that leopard coat...If it was faux fur, I'd be in love! Ok, so I think you asked me to guest post, but I can't find the email. If you did, I'd be happy to. Just shoot me an email with the details. xoxo

  8. I like the full skirts although it being me, I probably wouldn't style them in a 50s way. Great images!

  9. Soo poised and glamourous! I love the comeback of the 50's and though I'd feel kinda self-conscious, looking to glammed up like that, I wouldn't mind it for special occassions!

    p.s. love your blog!


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  10. I have no problem with 50s revival!
    Thanks for sharing your inspiration photos - I know just what you mean, my folder has over 1,000 images in it and I've only really used a handful as actual outfit inspiration.

    Chic on the Cheap

  11. Yay! I love 50s dresses! I want them all, aaah!

    Have a nice week, girl! :)

  12. I love all of your inspiration pics, and the Mad Men ladies are definitely one of my obsessions, now, too!

  13. wow, there's such glamour in this post!


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