Monday 4 October 2010

London Day Trip Part 2

Here is the second instalment of my London V&A Fashion Exhibition tour.
I know quite a few of you have been looking forward to some more peeks at fashion history, so here you go:
'La Flute' Day Dress, Paul Poiret, 1924
Sorry for the spotty reflection, thats my dress. I love the cut on this dress, you just know that it will be flattering on any lady. The cuffs are great too.
Grace Kelly's dress by designer Maggy Rouff, 1959
Alexander McQueen, S/S 2010
Bruce Oldfield 1986. Real mink collar.
Is this not divine! I want a coatdress just like this please! So elegant and decedent.
Christian Lacroix 1996
Jean Desses, 1954
Some more for the stunning 1950's inspiration book! hehe!
Madeleine Vionnet, 1933.
Again this dress is totally decadent and stunning. You would have to be wealthy in the 30's to afford this dress. It is beautiful and I would so wear it.

Gabrielle Chanel 1932.
She may have become known for tailoring and her androgynous looks in the 1920's but in the 1930's she moved into more feminine looks. This dress has a low back and has 2 bow appliques, one on front and one on the lower back. It is beautiful and completely covered in sequins.
Jaques Heim 1959.
Another 1950's stunner, this time a plain and classic one. The silhouette is perfect though.
Yves Saint-Laurent 1979.
This has an almost 60's vibe with the blocks of colours.
Diana Princess of Wales Dress by Catherine Walker 1989

That's the end of the clothing tour ladies. But just one more fashion hit for you!
Manolo Blahnik 1996
Pretty!! lol!

Plus how amazing is this paper cutting.
'I Can't Forget' by Rob Ryan
And that piece of paper will cost you just £75, mad eh?

One more, briefer, London post to come.

Daisymay X

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  1. Nice! Jaques Heim's dress was my favorite =). I'd love to have it, not sure if I'll ever have a suitable occasion to wear it, though, hehe.

    Have a nice week, Chantele!

  2. these are really gorgeous vintage gowns !! the manolos are definitely COOL !


  3. Great photos, I love every dress, McQueen, Lacroix, the Manolos!x

  4. i should have gone there!

  5. Gah! The Madeleine Vionnet and Alexander McQueen are my two favorites, but my GOODNESS there's a lot of pretty up there.

  6. oooo i love Alexander McQueen, S/S 2010 !!! hehe thanks for sharing this :)

  7. This exhibition is awesome, thanks a lot for sharing all those shots!!!!


  8. What a great place!! I love the second dress and that era, and also the McQueen is just stunning, not from a different decade although its just a wrok of art itself :) Great shots, your having a great time xx

  9. Crazy jealous. I can't even imagine how much more glorious those dresses are in person.

  10. Wow, so much textile awesomeness!

  11. Love the Chanel dress. Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage.

  12. Wow, would I have loved to see those in person! That Jaques Heim is so dreamy!

  13. Wow!! Amazing pieces!! Thanks for sharing! ♡
    Boho Market by Giovanna

  14. Ahh, I love the Chanel! And the shoes!


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