Friday 8 October 2010

Friend Friday: Critisicm

Gosh it's Friday already and I haven't had time to post since Monday, so sorry ladies. Well it's that time of week for another Friend Friday Post.
This weeks topic is - Criticism

1. Do you allow comments on your blog? Why or why not?
I do allow comments. I think it would be kinda pointless to blog so often if I didn't allow people to tell me what they think. I love receiving comments or feedback. I suppose I am a bit shallow in the respect that I like that it validates what I do, it shows me people actually read what I write, and that usually people like my style. I am quite happy to get negative feedback as well as long as it is justified as an opinion and it isn't said rudely or nastily. People have different opinions on certain items and how they should be worn, and I don't mind them telling me as it will help me to improve the way I dress or explore different styles I may not of thought of myself.

2. Do you think at times people leave comments that are insincere or not
well-thought out? What's the point?
I think I am quite lucky in that sense as I don't often receive one or two word comments. I have a good relationship with most of my readers so I will receive frequent comments from them. That way if they do simply say 'nice dress' or something similar I know they are saying it in a sincere way and they really do think my dress is nice. Plus I often get brief comments off people who do not speak much english, I know that for them it is all they are able to say, and I appreciate they even took the time to say that. I understand how hard it can be to keep up with comments on all your favourite blogs, so sometimes a brief comment is all you have time for. I know I may sometimes skim a post and leave a short comment if I am short on time. I am not doing this in an insincere manner, I just want the writer to know that I did see the post and I liked (if that is the case) their outfit. I get that sometimes people just for the sakes of commenting and so they can get more hits on their own blog, but network is half the job when you have just started up a blog, as you need to show people you exist. What I do dislike is comments asking me to follow them, those are insincere and show they do not really have any interest in what I have just said or worn and all they really want is good stats. That is annoying and I will intentionally ignore people who simply comment saying that.

3. Would you ever leave a comment that could be considered negative?
I will sometimes leave a comment that is negative about something in particular but I will often back it up by saying that it is just my opinion or by giving my reasoning behind what I have said. And I will often leave a positive comment with it so the writer does not feel I am being rude or nasty. I don't think I have ever left a comment just stating 'I Hate' something as I think it would be mean to attack somebody else's choice of style, as style is something that is so personal.

4. Most people claim to like constructive criticism. Do you really? And
how do you offer that kind of criticism to others?
I think I have probably managed to answer this in some of the questions above. But to recap. I do like constructive criticism as long as it isn't mean or rude, and is actually constructive. I will often leave ideas of how I might have worn something if it had been me or how I would have styled something differently. Its a learning curve, where we can each help by giving a little input on each other outfits. So we learn to style ourselves differently or in a more interesting way.

5. Some bloggers don't allow comments in order to cut down on
negativity. Do you think that is the way to go or are there other ways
to deal with the negative vibes?
Just ignore them. If people are giving truly negative comments, just delete them and ignore the person. Not responding is a far better come back than getting annoyed because that is perhaps what they want. I would find it really hard to keep posting if I wasn't getting any comments as I would be unsure as to wether anyone really cared about what I was writing. I am old enough to look past silly negative comment and not take them personally. You can't really expect to post pictures of yourself on the internet and never receive a comment you don't like or agree with, it is just the risk we take.

So what are your thoughts on negative comments? Do you leave them on other blogs or have you ever had them left on yours?

Daisymay X

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  1. I think the only negative comments I have ever left are not really liking celebrities or brands, I'd never leave a personal negative comment! And I HATE bloggers who don't allow comments - as I said to Leia a whole back, it just makes me think a blogger thinks they are 'too good' for their followers' opinions...

  2. I've had many, many negative comments. I never leave them myself and wouldn't ever disallow comments, that's not the point of blogging to me.

  3. I love comments too and, like you said, it feels that people are really reading what you're blogging about and therefore just pushes you more to do it. I know I've received negative comments and with time, its gotten easier to ignore! There are times I want to shoot back but that's sinking to their level so I just ignore it!

    Great answers! :)

  4. i would never leave anything hurtful or mean, but i think if i disagree with a post, i can manage to leave a comment in disagreement

  5. I have left a couple of negative comments here and there, but they were not aggressive at all. I think it's possible to give a negative opinion about something without hurting anybody. By the way, my negative comments were never about a person's style/outfit; I don't feel I'm entitled to criticize that.

    I agree in that ignoring someone who posts negative comments in order to attack you is the best way to deal with them

  6. hey thank you a lot for your comment at my place! I looked trough your different blogs and guess what - you actually inspired me of making my own day zero project. I'll keep you updated when I finished my list and started to share it on my blog!! :) see you, Min.

  7. hmm interesting, personally comments make blogging for me x

  8. v. interesting to read your answers! I kind of agree...I don't know why people get upset at anonymous or negative commenters...I'd just ignore them :)
    Hope you are doing well girl!

  9. I have yet to receive negative comments but I think I am pretty easy going when it comes to things like that. I think anonymous comments are the worst though =x


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