Friday 15 October 2010

Friend Friday: Blogging Tips

1. How has your blog changed over the months/years you've been
Well I have been blogging just short of a year and I don't think my blog has changed all that much. When I first started blogging I was going to keep it anonymous, so took photos of my outfits without showing my face. This only lasted a few weeks as a reader asked to see me properly, and I finally found the confidence to take photos of all of me. I received such great comments on that first photo that I have never looked back. I found I have dressed better since starting blogging, so my outfits are worthy of being blogged. My blog has also undergone a number of facelifts, after initially experimenting with pretty backgounds I finally decided that I liked the plain simplicity of a white backgound. I have learnt a few HTML skills as time has gone on but the only changes have really been cosmetic. What I write about and how i write hasn't really changed.
This was my first ever outfit post! Decapitated me!
And this was my first proper outfit post.

2. What was one thing you did wrong in the beginning and how have you
changed that?
Like I said, I think my outfit photos were wrong to start with, but I quickly corrected this error. And now I love doing fun shoots with my husband and we quite often spend a day out taking pretty photos. I aim to try and find interesting backgrounds and scenery when I can and when I have time.
This is the type of backgrounds I like to use now. When we get the chance to go out for photos.

3. When you visit a blog what's the greatest turn off? The thing that
makes you close the tab?
I have 3 big blog no no's:
>Blogs that automatically play music, it irritates me and quite often scares the crap out of me if I'm not prepared.
>Blogs that take ages to load. If you have a background and lots of widgets that are all heavy size wise and the blog takes a while to load I probably won't bother.
> Blogs with loads of random google ads all over them. If you have genuine sponsors I don't mind too much but if your side bar and in between each post has google ads for everything from fabrics to power saws your only posting them for money, and I hate it.

4. How did you find your voice?
I think my voice has come with my confidence which has developed over time. Simply keeping up my blog and growing from the comments I receive has allowed me to become me. I am a writer anyway so I think I already had a voice of some sorts it has just developed a little as my blog has grown.

5. If you had three pieces of advice to give to a new blogger what
would those be?
>Be you! Write about stuff that interest you, only wear what makes you happy and only blog items you genuinely like.
>Blog frequently, but don't turn it into a chore. Blogging frequently keeps your readers interested but if you force your self to write when you don't have anything interesting to say then your posts will lack substance and readers won't find them interesting. Don't set yourself impossible standards, if you don't have time to blog 7 days a week then don't try to, 3,4 or 5 times is just fine.
>Find interesting content. There is no point blogging things that 100 other blogger are blogging, unless you have a new angle. If readers can get your content elsewhere they are likely to go. So find fresh content.

Daisymay X

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  1. Love love love this post girl <3

  2. nice answers! i like your first out post too...and i LOVE that one with you and the tree!

  3. Great advice! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this. I, too, totally hate those three things you mentioned!

    Tha second picture is great, you look so sweet!

  5. We have lots of similarities in our answers! I used to try to be anonymous too :P


  6. I love your answer to number 3! I didn't think of automatic music, but it is REALLY annoying!

  7. I find the decapitated fashion blogger is a common theme. I love the backgrounds you're doing now. That's one thing that will DEFINITELY improve on my blog when I move - more interesting outdoor shots. Love this post!

  8. I completely forgot to put anything about music playing but yes, completely agree, it is soooo annoying!

    Great advice and piece.

  9. I still decapitate myself - it drives my boyfriend (the photographer) mad!

    It's so easy to put yourself under pressure and turn posting into a chore; I find I have to mull ideas over for a couple of days before I get them down. Unless I find a really hot pair of shoes that I just have to post about, of course...

    i really wish i could do the guest post !
    but do you have a deadline in for me ?
    as im really busy with my finals and thesis right now :/

  11. Haha my old outfit posts never showed my face either. Glad to know I'm not the only one who did this.

  12. Thanks for these tips! I used to try and not show my face in the first fashion blog I kept, but that was before I was able to take good pictures anyway... a thing of the past, though I need to constantly improve on finding good backgrounds :) Yours are stunning!


  13. These are great tips! Thanks for sharing them with us!


  14. i found your tips very interesting and helpful. i have recently started a style blog and i will bear in mind all your advice :)

    thank you!


  15. I love your post! Thanks for sharing this information. It's very beneficial for someone like me who has just started her blog. :)

    Thank you again! :) If you have the time, please do check out mine:


  16. Thanks so much for the tips! I've heard it said that people generally like blogs with simple backgrounds (like yours). I would appreciate your honest opinion on my blog background. It's not simple, but I love it. Should I ditch the flowers? haha!
    Pocket of Presh

  17. This was nice to read! And I certainly agree that music playing sites get shut down pretty fast... I also dislike when the first three articles are just reposted editorials or wishlists... original content people!

  18. hi!!
    wow, i really loved this post!! the things you said are very interesting!

  19. Yeah music and too many ads send me running away too. I like your tips for Q5 - I agree about being yourself and not having to meet impossible standards. I think it's easy to get caught up in a blog rat race and lose sight of doing it the way you personally want to do it.


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