Tuesday 12 October 2010

An update and some pretty pictures

Well ladies I have been doing a bit of reshuffling on here, as you can see. I have been cataloguing my wardrobe and will be updating it every time I show a new piece on here. It was eye opening to see what I am willing to show case on my blog. I found it very strange that I have shown you so many outfits with dresses but very few trousers/shorts because in my everyday life I wear a lot more trouser outfits. I have decided that I need to start showing you my everyday wear. I need to move away from only showing you my (idea of) perfect made up outfits, and show you the everyday me, the normal me, the me that bums around in jeans and jumpers, lol. So I shall be aiming to take photos everyday, even if my outfit isn't all styled up. It is also kinda embarrassing how extensive my wardrobe is. I have never had it all in front of me in one go to be able to contemplate it properly. So doing all this cataloging will allow me to see what I really have, and what I need (which in all honesty is probably nothing), and will allow me to see new outfits and hopefully rediscover old pieces. As well as sort my closet properly, to get rid of pieces I simply don't wear or like.

So, now saying that I went thrift/charity shopping today, sounds like a really stupid thing, lol. But I was actually taking my friend who had not been charity shopping since moving to the UK to help her find some work wear for an office job. So I decided that I would try find some items that I know I don't already have in my wardrobe, simply because they are not the type of item I would usually buy and wear. And I did manage to find a few items, but I'm not gonna show them yet, I am challenging myself to style them and work them into my wardrobe. So I will hopefully bring them to you this week sometime.

I have also been altering all my labels so everything is a bit more organised. And most can now be found properly sorted under one of the buttons in the link bar. Plus I am redoing all my blogroll, which can now be found on my linkbar, instead of down the side off my blog. This is mainly because the list is getting so long it is taking over! I have only just started so it is currently a work in progress.

Ok enough of the boring stuff, onto more interesting things. As you can see up on the right I am now displaying some advertisers. I have joined Affiliate Window and Commission Junction to see if I can turn this blog into a bit more of a business. So if you are interested in being a sponsor just drop me an email to discuss. I shall be adding a proper sponsor page soon when I get the time. Plus I shall be writing a post on my experience of using Affiliate programmes, to hopefully help some other bloggers. So from time to time I will also be adding up some coupon codes in the coupon section, because in all honest who doesn't like to save some money when shopping.

I have also been working on making it easier to follow me. So if you aren't already, why not follow me on twitter or Facebook, as I just set up a page. Or on Chictopia.

Ok so onto the reason I have been so absent this week. I have taken on not 1, not 2 but 3 unpaid writing internships! I know I'm mad, lol. So I am now writing for a local magazine called The Community Times, plus I shall be writing for The Agenda (an online womens News Magazine) and The Handbag Fairy (a shopping websites blog). This was my first week so I was kind of freaking out over having to churn out 3 pieces. Hopefully as I go along and get used to juggling my work load I will calm down and be able to get back on track with everything. I shall blog the links of my pieces when they go up so you can all read them. But if there is anyone out there wanting me to write a piece or review something, just send me an email, as I am still up for more work (need to expand that CV, big time).

Ok so I am sorry for the ridiculously wordy post but I thought I should update you all on whats going on with me.

To make up for it here are some stunning photos I have been drooling over this month
Catherine McNeil by Nicole Bentley (A Fine Romance - Vogue Australia September 2010)

Good Night Ladies.

Daisymay X

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  1. I've found that ever since I started taking outfit photos every day, I've started dressing better ever day.

    Good luck with all your new endeavors!

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Beautiful!
    Please follow my blog and enter the giveaway!

    With Love,

  3. Wow, congrats on the internships! I really need to get organised and sort some out.

  4. This editorial is gorgeous!


  5. WOW lady, you are gonna be busy! Congrats!

  6. Congrats on all three internships! I'll love to read your pieces =).

    And it'll be nice to see your everyday clothes!

  7. I echo what Lyddie said. I also photograph my outfit everyday, even if it's a repeat because it's my real life, and most real women repeat their outfits - and that's okay.

    I hope the juggling goes well with everything you've got on your plate.

    I mailed your parcel yesterday so it's on its way! :)

  8. my goodness you have been busy!!! It sounds kind of fun though!! I need to check out your articles :)


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